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Holcomb's Services opened its doors September 2009 and has been evolving ever since. Starting with 2 lifts and 2,000 square feet, Holcomb's currently operates with 11 lifts, 2 drive-on lifts, and over 26,000 square feet. Dennis Holcomb, Sr. and his son Dennis Holcomb, Jr. opened the transmission shop with big goals in mind. Since 1974, Dennis Sr. (Big Dennis as he has affectionately been nicknamed over the years) has been building professionally practically his entire life, having built his first automatic transmission at the age of 11. "I have always been very mechanically inclined. As a child, I worked on lawn mowers with my dad. He'd tell me what to do after school and he'd go to work 2nd shift at the railroad leaving me to finish up his projects." As early as 7, Big Dennis was taking apart household items to find out how they worked. He took apart his mother's sewing machine and fixed it- she still uses the machine today to make Barbie clothes. Big Dennis knew early on he was going to spend his life building transmissions. They have always been an obsession for him. Having worked for numerous shops and helping them with their growth, Big Dennis realized what to do differently to make things more efficient and practical for his customer. "Over-priced franchises are taking advantage of the public. Take a shop where guys work on commission- a sales person will only try getting the highest price because that's where the money comes; selling customers things they do not need. Here we want thorough diagnostics and the latest equipment used on vehicles- all at an affordable cost!"

Holcomb's was initiated with the intentions of being a wholesale transmission shop. While the dedication to building the best, quality transmissions in the area is still present. there arose a great need for automotive repair for fleet companies- specifically Payne Electric. Little Dennis was a master electrician for Payne for 10 years. He loved his job and all the individuals he met and was excited to start the venture with his father, yet saddened to leave his family at Payne. So the situation created a problem-solving, expansion no one saw coming. Holcomb's started servicing all of Payne's fleet and have not looked back since. While still maintaining its wholesale contacts, Holcomb's has opened its door to make way for the growing number of individuals wanting all types of automotive repair done.  












In order to make his dream a reality, Big Dennis knew he needed the right people by his side. Each individual working for Holcomb's was hand-picked by Big Dennis with careful consideration.

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